Understand Country Risk

Worldwide business environment present opportunities and risks: this is the reason why a clear picture about a country can help to define right and efficient development actions. It also means ave a more robust and better picture on a Business Partner thanks to a greater awareness about market, both from customer and supplier point of view.
Country Risk Service and Country Report are used by variety of departments and is applicable within a range of sectors, industries and organisations with an international focus.
From companies’ perspective, EIU Country Risk Solutions are useful for the following reasons:
  • Assess the risks to your business posed by the political and economic situation in each country, with up to 220 macroeconomic variables provided in each report.
  • Compare risk easily across countries, with a standardised format and forecasting methodology.
  • Download, manipulate, and analyse data in your own financial and risk-rating models.
  • Rest assured with information gathered, checked and assessed by our in-house team of experts.
The world’s leading organisations rely on The EIU’s Country Risk Service to evaluate opportunities and risks across several countries. This solution is used by a variety of departments and is applicable within a range of sectors, industries and organisations that have an international focus’
Financial Institutions
  • Access macroeconomics and geopolitical risk insights
  • Monitor the world’s political and economic landscape
  • Understand macroeconomic trends to anticipate future events
  • Form an independent view and inform stakeholders ahead of time
  • Identify the best next country to develop trade relations with
  • Compare business operating environment and pinpoint trade growth
  • Navigate complex foreign country dynamics
  • Anticipate the impact of changes in policy and regulations
Universities or Academic Institutions
  • Access comparable worldwide economic data for international research
  • Develop students’ practical skills and prepare them for their careers
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